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​ Jamaican Fried Dumplings Recipe (Fried Johnny Cakes)

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Jamaicans love their fried dumplings. Served with ackee & saltfish or other breakfasts meats, this side dish is a favorite in many Jamaican homes. Try the Jamaican fried dumplings recipe below for your next breakfast.

Jamaican Fried Dumplings

Jamaican Fried Dumplings

Preparation Time: 10 minutes
Cooking Time: 18 minutes
Servings: 6 persons


2 cups self-rising flour (add 1 1/8 teaspoons of baking powder & 1/8 teaspoon of salt for every cup of all-purpose flour)
1 tablespoons butter
Pinch of salt
cold Water to form dough
3/4 cup oil


In a large bowl, combine flour, salt and butter until mixture resembles coarse breadcrumbs. Slowly add water and combine mixture until it forms firm dough and pulls away from the side.

Knead dough about 3 minutes until dough the dough becomes smooth and more elastic. Divide into equal pieces and forms small balls with each piece.

Over medium flame, heat oil in medium skillet, oil should be enough to cover half way up the sides of the dumpling.Add oil as needed but the aim is not to deep fry the dumplings. In batches, add dumplings to hot oil and fry until golden all around. Leave enough space in between dumplings and turn dumplings as needed to ensure even cooking on all sides. Dumplings should be golden brown.

Jamaican Fried Dumplings Frying

Jamaican Fried Dumplings Frying

Remove from oil once golden and drain on absorbent paper towels and serve warm

Ackee & Salt fish with fried dumplings & boiled green bananas

Ackee & Salt fish with fried dumplings & boiled green bananas

Dumplings can be shaped anyway you like such as pretzel or sausage shaped. You are limited only by your imagination. Ensure that the dumpling is completely cooked as the outside has a little crust while the inside is tender but not doughy.

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