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Our most frequently asked questions are posted here. Please read as you might find most of your questions answered here.

Where are you located?

Jamaica Stores is based in Charlotte, NC, but we do ship most of our products directly from Jamaica. 

What are your opening hours?

We are a wholly online store stocking product for resale. We are always open online but our office hours are: Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm EST Outside of these hours, feel free to use our contact page to send us a message.

What is your telephone number?

Please call 1-336-525-6JAM (1-336-525-6526) Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm EST. Alternatively you can call us outside of office hours and leave a message which will be transcribed to us. Who knows, we may even respond to you by email over the weekend.

What is your shipping guidelines?

Your order will be shipped by the shipping method chosen. After your order has been processed and your payment has been confirmed and received, you will be notified of order status by email. Your shipping rates rates will vary depending on your location and the weight of the package and the class of shipping chosen. Jamaica Post and FedEx ships by weight and does not utilize a flat rate shipping as in some countries. Note that shipping times might vary according to unforseen carrier delays. We anticipate your patience when this happens. Please see checkout cart for the calculated shipping rates for each item and below for shipping times:

How long is your processing time?

Processing Time is normally 2-3 business days and excludes weekends and Jamaican public holidays, unless the customer is otherwise informed of other delays such as with custom ordered goods. This is in addition to shipping times.

How long until I get my package?

Please check your shipping method as that is the delivery time of your product. We give a delivery period which means that delivery is possible any time within that period. We are sorry but we have no control over the actual delivery date or time unless you have shipped by FEDEX/Courier. Please note that working or business days do NOT include weekends and public holidays. Delivery time does NOT take into consideration the additional processing period of 2-3 business days.

Why can't I find my information when enter my tracking number?

Due to the fact that we are shipping internationally, once the goods are sorted and shipped from Jamaica, it sometimes does take time to show up on the system in your country. As such, please check back periodically to see if information has been added for your package. It is quite common to wait almost two weeks to find tracking information online for standard and economy shipping options.

How do I track my package?

Once you have the tracking number, please enter it at your country's website. For e.g. US buyers will track at www.usps.com. UK buyers please track at www.royalmail.co.uk and Canadian buyers, please track through Canada Post. All other countries please check your local postal service for more information on how to track your package.

What happens if I do not collect my package?

A package is considered delivered after two business weeks to 45 days (depending on shipping method) unless otherwise informed by the customer. Customers must ensure that the correct address is entered for delivery as we will not be held responsible for any errors in your address that were caused by incorrect customer details. Where the post office made an attempt to deliver the package and there was no one to receive it, the post office normally leaves notification.
It is your responsibility to contact the post office about receiving your package and ask for redelivery. When a package stays too long at the post office after the first attempt at delivery, the package is returned to the sender, namely Buy Jamaica Stores, at which point we become liable for return postage. We will only reship in this instance if the return postage and return shipping cost is borne by the customer.

What if I change my mind?

Unless you change your mind before the package leaves Jamaica, there is no refund for simply changing your mind once the package has shipped. In order for a return, customers must receive written authorised confirmation by email authorising the return of the package. All authorised Returns must be completed within 15 days after receipt of items which no refund or credit will be given and goods will be considered sold and transferred to the customer.We do NOT accept unauthorised returns. Please use our return form found at the bottom of the website.
Returns are only possible on Non-Food Items. The items must be returned in their original condition, not worn or soiled or otherwise damaged. Please ensure goods are properly repackaged as we will not be responsible for accepting any damaged or broken goods as returns. ALL returns must be completed within 15 days from the date of receipt of the package. There are no exceptions. Refunds are ONLY for proven non-delivery of goods or our failure to procure your items wherein we will enact a refund. We are shipping from Jamaica and once the order is shipped, we do not make refunds solely because a customer changes his or her mind.
For damaged goods, you must provide proof by pictures of the damage before any refund is done. For some items, even though damaged, item will have to be shipped to a location in the USA before any refunds are enacted. This is due to past unscrupulous customers claiming for damaged goods that were not in fact damaged. We are based in Jamaica and please take this into consideration if you choose a slower shipping method as the goods are most likely on its way in the time period stipulated in our shopping cart. If you choose economy shipping, you will not receive delivery in the same period of standard or express shipping.

If I do not get my package, will you reship?

Only after the expected delivery day has passed, and the tracking of the package shows that package did not reach the intended address. If someone else at the address signs for document, the package is still considered delivered. If item is shown not to have reached the delivry address, will we consider reshipping any product. At our discretion if it is impractical at that time to ship, we reserve the right to make a full refund.
For items unclaimed and returned to sender, we will consider reshipping the package, but it must be noted that the buyer will have to bear the full additional cost of reshipping, where we can show that the package postage had been previously paid for, shipped but remained unclaimed. If we resend your product and we are later informed that you have received the original product shipment, we will explore three options.
  1. Customer can accept shipment and be billed half price as in effect the customer would have received two (duplicate shipment).
  2. Customer can deny the delivery of the second package and return the shipment to the sender at buyers expense else buyer will be billed twice.   3. Customer, if they accept the first shipment and do not inform us, when we are made aware that the original package was delivered WILL attempt to recover legally, the monies outstanding for the shipment.
*We hope that your ordered package will always reach you in the stated time but if the unforseen occurs, we are always willing to work around it to ensure your satisfaction.

Do I have to pay duties?

Most products on on our website might not attract duty but there is always a likelihood that they might attract duty between 3% and 5% (USA) and the rate for other countries might vary. This is rarely so, but customers are liable for any duty costs imposed on them. Goods bought for own use or as gifts are much less likely to incur duties unlike commercial imports. However, bear in mind that we ship from Jamaica, hence we are shipping internationally to you. Please note that is against the law for us to knowingly under invoice goods. In recent times, the UK has been imposng duty on imported products and this duty is the responsibility of the purchaser.

I ordered something from your website but my country's customs department has deemed it illegal. What must I do?

Please check with your customs department before importing any item as we will not be held responsible if your goods are held at customs. Unfortunately, we cannot create an exhaustive list of each countries prohibited list of items, thus we do not know which other products are okay for you to import.

I bought something but my monies were refunded because the price was not correct. Why can't I get it as the price shown?

Where a typographical error may have occurred in pricing or description of a product, the seller reserves the right to withdraw from sale, the product in question and make a full refund, or re-offer the product at the new price given the customer's consent.

I bought an item but it looks slightly different from on your website. Why?

The pictures shown do not represent actual size and are the best graphical representation. We will not be held responsible for slight variances in size and colour that are due to pictorial representation. Wooden products have natural variations while dutchpots and coal stoves have natural blemishes and some roughness due to the process of making them.**

Do you substitute products if you do not have what I want in stock?

Where applicable in our food department, substitutions for products of equal or greater value may be used where a similar ordered item is unavailable. However, we would normally contact you to give you a choice where there is a significant difference in price or quality.** At times, a product may be out of stock and we will offer the customer an equal or greater substitute or a full refund.

What if I want to make a return?

As noted before, we do not accept returns simply because the customer changed his ir her mind, however we handle returns on a case by case basis. After your order has been processed and your payment has been confirmed and received, You will be notified by mail. You will receive the date your order is shipped, estimated delivery time and if applicable the tracking number of your order.Your shipping rates rates will vary depending on your location and the weight of the package and whether first or second class shipping is chosen. Please see Shipping Policy our for shipping times and the checkout cart has the shipping and handling rates for each item.
By checking out and clicking Terms & Conditions, the customer agrees to the following: You must complete the returns form before a return is sent back to us. The customer is responsible for return shipping UNLESS we made an error in sending the product or the product is damaged. If the product is damaged, the customer will have to show pictures of the damage before making the return. The customer is responsible for checking the products they are ordering to make sure that the size, quantity, colour or other characteristic is what you would want. If the customer simply changes his or her mind, or ordered the wrong item, then the customer will have to unfortunately have to pay the costs for sending the item back to us.
Additionally, if the customer wants a change in size because customer chose the wrong size, then customer will have to either (a) pay new shipping charges or (b) return the product and receive a refund less shipping charges. This is especially so with the jackets.* Once the customer if given a tracking number, the customer has the responsibility to track the product and ensure that the product is collected. If the customer does not collect the product and the product is returned, then the refund will be less original shipping charges.*
The customer must provide ACCURATE address. If the address is inaccurate or incomplete, then the customer can receive a refund for goods returned to us but the refund will be less original shipping charges.* In some cases, we will try to reduce the burden on the customer by shipping the item to a US address. The refund will be done only after we have received the product and the product is in the same state as when it was shipped.**

When I make a purchase, what do you do with my credit card information?

We never see your credit card information as our payment providers securely processes all our payments for us. We take seriously our responsibility to you and your information and ask that you do not provide your credit card details to anyone purporting to be from our site as we do not collect credit card details over the phone. **As a rule, we do not accept credit card information over the phone. We do not think the practice safe and so we will NEVER ask you to give us your credit card or social security number at any time. We also will not solicit money orders from you and so we implore you to be careful in giving out your information in this manner.

I signed up for an account with your store, how is my information handled?

When you create an account with our store, we do not know your password and our site is hosted on a server where security is our major concern. If you have signed up for our newsletter or opted in without cognizance, we do provide an unsubscribe link on all our newsletter correspondence so that you can remove yourself from our mailing list.

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