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Skin Bleaching in Jamaica


A truly eye-opening special when Television Jamaica aired an All Angles programme on Skin Bleaching in Jamaica's inner city."Bleaching" is the Jamaican term for using strong skin lightening creams and concoctions on the skin in a bid to appear lighter-skinned, fairer or brown. Some Jamaicans have been known to bleach their skins in order to look like what they call more attractive; attractive equating to being lighter-skinned.

Have you ever heard of persons mixing hair relaxer (with lye), household bleach and strong skin lightening creams & gels all in the name of being brown? How can a woman ever think that being brown means she has to "bleach" the skin of her 6 month old baby? If not, then you need to watch this excerpt and to view the programme in its entirety- Jamaican Skin Bleaching Documentary

As much as we sell Nadinola, please note that the strength of the nadinola we sell is not anywhere near the destructive nature of the concoctions that the women in the video use to achieve their results. Nadinola is used by most of our customers to remove blemishes & dark spots such as those left by acne. Even more interestingly, the "retail" Nadinola shown in the video is fake as Nadinola is not sold in bulk/bags nor does it come in a bright yellow cream. Lord only knows who is making and selling this bulk Nadinola and what ingredients are in it. Again, be advised that we do NOT sell this bulk or unauthorized Nadinola as we buy directly from the authorized manufacturer of Deluxe Nadinola in Jamaica. Please be very aware that if you order Nadinola from Jamaica and it comes in bags, non-labeled bottles or it seems too cheap to be true, chances are it is FAKE.

What are your thought on skin bleaching? Please share your comments with us on this controversial topic.

Customer comments (transferred from old blog)

GDavis - 26/01/2014

I think skin bleaching is not bad if you are trying to remove discolorated skin. Not for becoming brighter. Black is beautiful, we are blessed to be brown and don' t know who we are. Read your Bible. Moses, married a black women from Ethiopian he was black. They did not mix races in those days. Solomon had dreadlocks with gold on them. John The baptist and Jesus hair like wool and bronze feet. Read your Bible. LUV your self We must stop the madness.

clemston - 20/01/2014
i think skin bleaching is wrong. it only destroys you more and more and people dont know its killing them slowly. skin b;leaching is not right...

unknow guy - 03/12/2013
everything can be done in moderation........too much of one thing isn't good.

Admin - 03/09/2013
Thanks Charlie for your response. It amazes me that persons do seem to think that bleaching their children is acceptable. As adults we make our own choices and those of our children, but this one decision that should never be forced on children. It is sad that persons choose to damage their bodies and those of their children in the hope of appearing lighter for a few months or years.

charlie - 03/09/2013
I think lightening the skin is ok and helps you to achieve a brighter look. But the Jamaicans in the documentary are taking things to the extreme! Why oh why would they disfigure themselves in such a wretched way? And then to abuse a baby or child by forcing it to undergo skin bleaching is mere cruelty! Those children/ babies should be taken into care (if Jamaica has such services I don't know). Brown is nice but the lady who was mixing the creams all together looked terrible her stomach was white not brown. Please the message should be don't got to extremes, and if they can't handle moderation then the government should ban bleaching all together.

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